Flashback to the 2013 CrossFit Games: Seven Great Moments to Remember

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Flashback to the 2013 CrossFit Games: Seven Great Moments to Remember

We had a front-row seat to last year's Games. Here are the moments that had us on our feet.

Men's Fitness wil be on-location next weekend (July 24-27) for the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games, but in spirit of the event we're flashing back to the most memorable moments and incredible feats of fitness.


Year after year, the Reebok CrossFit Games are garnering more and more attention. In fact, this year’s event, held at the StubHub Center in Carson, CA, drew more than 25,000 spectators—a monumental increase from 9,000 in 2012. And it’s no wonder—as the strongest, fastest, most conditioned and well-rounded athletes set out to prove they’re the fittest in the world, it’s nothing less than an absolutely incredible display of drive, determination, and raw athletic talent. After advancing from the Open competition that runs from March to April, the winners move onto the Regional Qualifiers in May and June, where only the elite score a highly coveted spot in the July Games. At this year’s event a total of 47 men and 45 women competed as individuals. There were new faces, veterans, a two-time defending champ, and plenty of crowd-charging moments of greatness. Check out our picks for the seven most memorable.


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