Flashback to the 2013 CrossFit Games: Seven Great Moments to Remember

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Flashback to the 2013 CrossFit Games: Seven Great Moments to Remember

We had a front-row seat to last year's Games. Here are the moments that had us on our feet.

All eyes (and bets) were on the two-time defending champion Rich Froning, but it looked, at first, like all that pressure was tripping him up—the fitness phenom got off to a rocky start with a lowly 30th place finish in the Pool event. Then, as the Games forged on, Froning plucked his way back up the leaderboard with modest, but strong finishes during Saturday’s competitions. Drawing on the electric energy of his fans and followers he crushed the final three events with three straight 1st place finishes. His unbroken handstand walks in Part 1 of The Cinco had the crowd on its feet for the entire stretch as they watched him leave his competitors in the dust. Once again the 26-year-old proved he’s an unstoppable machine—and after seven days and 12 brutal events he managed to perform one last box jump up onto the podium to accept his prize. By defending his title of “The Fittest Man on Earth” Froning scored another fat check for $275,000 on top of an additional $14,000 in winnings from the individual events.

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