Flashback to the 2013 CrossFit Games: Seven Great Moments to Remember

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Flashback to the 2013 CrossFit Games: Seven Great Moments to Remember

We had a front-row seat to last year's Games. Here are the moments that had us on our feet.

There were plenty of names tossed around as to who could take down Froning, or at the very least end up on the podium beside him, but Ben Smith wasn’t one of them. He is, however, well known in the CrossFit community as that guy who trains alone—and get this­­—in front of a refrigerator! (Don’t ask, we don’t get it, either.) Although this four-year veteran of the Games has encountered varying levels of success in the past, no one was expecting him to make a comeback—especially after his 11th place performance in 2012. But it turns out he must’ve cranked up the number of those fridge workouts, because this time Smith displayed relentless perseverance and determination throughout the course of the entire competition. In seven of the 12 events, the 23-year-old finished in the top 10. Most impressive were his 2nd place finishes in the Pool event, the Burden Run, as well as Part 1 of The Cinco. Smith was rewarded for all his efforts with $35,000 for his 3rd place finish in addition to a $6,000 payout from individual events.


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