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Winter Olympics: What You Won't Want to Miss

Our preview of Sochi's 10 most anticipated events, plus favorites and underdogs for each sport.

The Winter Games are upon us, which means we're about to fill up the glaring televised sports gap that stretches from Super Bowl Sunday to March Madness. Thing is, most of the sports you'll see in Sochi are ones you catch just every four years, so you’ll probably remember only a few faces and have a vague recollection of some crazy events you watched back in early 2010. Don’t worry, we’re basically in the same boat. But we recently brushed up on the basics–the big events, the favorites, the underdogs, and some quick history–to put together this Olympics primer. We didn’t quite get to some sports, like curling, but that one’s more fun to figure out with your friends over a beer, anyway.

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