5 Best Places to Watch the Olympic Games

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5 Best Places to Watch the Olympic Games

The Summer Olympics only comes around every four years—and when they do, these US cities crank up the heat on their celebrations. Check out the best spots to catch Olympic fever—and every minute of the action.
With more than 500 athletes competing in this year's Games, our nation is practically guaranteed to come down with a serious case of Olympic Fever. The only known cure? Grab a fellow rabid fan (or a few) and find the best possible spot to watch all the action.

While you might think there's no better place then your couch—and the nearest TV set—you've got a far better shot of cheering Team USA onto gold when you do it out in public, with a few dozen (or a few thousand) of your closest friends.

These five US cities, which range from well-known sporting meccas to the breeding grounds of future Olympic champions, top our list of the hottest spots to check out the games. Whether you're already there—or planning to make a road trip—you'll soon find yourself in the middle of the frenzied masses cheering on our champs in the red, white and blue.


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