5 Best Places to Watch the Olympic Games

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5 Best Places to Watch the Olympic Games

The Summer Olympics only comes around every four years—and when they do, these US cities crank up the heat on their celebrations. Check out the best spots to catch Olympic fever—and every minute of the action.

Cheyenne, WY

We know what you're thinking. Cheyenne? Really? Yes, really. After the United States Olympic Committee released its official list of Team USA members, sports analysts discovered an interesting fact: Wyoming ranks #1 this year in Olympians produced per capita. To be fair, the state only has two members headed to London (Brett Newlin-rowing, and Jennifer Nichols-archery), but there are only 568,000 people in the state. This means that when you head to downtown Cheyenne to watch rowing or archery, there's a chance you'll be rooting for Team USA right alongside Olympian-relatives.


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