5 Best Super Bowl Plays in NFL History

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5 Best Super Bowl Plays in NFL History

There’s lots more to the Super Bowl than nacho dip and commercials. Here are the best plays in history, to get you pumped up for this year’s epic showdown.
No one expected them to win, and the Giants seemed to be dying away with those predictions. It was the 4th quarter—third down with five to go—and the Patriots’ line was closing in on Eli Manning. But, wait … what? Manning suddenly arose out of the tumbling New England fray, reached back and fired a Hail Mary into his opponents’ territory. Giants wide receiver David Tyree jumped higher than he ever has and reached for a ball that looked uncatchable—and then, he caught it. Or his helmet did. Either way, it’s one of the most unbelievable grabs of all-time. And it led to an eventual Super Bowl victory for the G-Men.


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