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The 7 Most Memorable Sports Fan Fights

Sometimes the biggest hits happen off the field.

It’s best to keep the hits on the field. But occasionally, the adrenaline of the game–mixed with excess alcohol–can spill the intensity into the stands, where a few people who have probably never met before end up engaging in fisticuffs on behalf of their team. Or their spilled drink. Or their stolen seat. Or for seemingly no reason at all.

The latest publicized incident happened last weekend when an idiot fan thought it was cool to hit a woman in the face with the right cross after the New York Jets-New England Patriots game (see video below). He probably didn’t realize that in a world of camera phones and YouTube, he and his throwback Wayne Chrebet jersey would be internet stars before he got home for dinner.    

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The same man, who has been identified as Kurt Paschke, reportedly served three years in prison after being convicted of a stabbing incident in 1992.

As appalling as the fan fight was, not all the participants turn out to be criminals, and it’s certainly not the first time a fan brawl has broken out at a sporting match. In fact, we've decided to dig up some of the most infamous ones.



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