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8 Weirdest Sporting Events to Watch Before You Die

Open (and bend) your mind with these wacky sports from around the world.

Let's face it, attending major sporting events aren't only expensive, they can get a tad predictable. Been there, done that, right? Is it really worth leaving the comfort of your leather couch and flat screen to see it in person?

In the case of the following spectacles, however, you may have no choice but to go out and see them in person. (Unless these grainy YouTube videos really do them justice.) Whether they feature superhuman feats of strength, surreal abilities you never knew could be so awe-inspiring or are purely worth it for novel purposes (hey, laughter is good for you), these sports will have you mesmerized. Without further ado, here are eight international sporting events that combine everything from men racing animals to good, old-fashioned dead animal polo.

It certainly is a wide world of sports.

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