Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake

Long before Jackass made dangerous/idiotic stunts mainstream, there was cheese-rolling—an English tradition that is actually 200 years old. Held annually at Copper’s Hill in the City of Gloucester (on the Spring Bank Holiday), the concept of the event is pretty simple: Participants gather atop the 200-yard slope, where the race is commenced by a Double Gloucester wheel of cheese, fired downhill. The racers (split up into four separate meets of 15 for safety’s sake) then chase down the cheddar, and almost instantly, lose their footing and start tumbling. While the goal is to catch the cheese, it is almost impossible due to its head start and high rate of speed (up to 70 mph), so the first man (or woman) to cross the finish line wins the wheel. Surprising to…nobody, there’s at least a handful of injuries every year. For those not willing to take the risk, there is a cheese-rolling app for the iPhone.

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