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8 Weirdest Sporting Events to Watch Before You Die

Open (and bend) your mind with these wacky sports from around the world.

Man vs. Horse Marathon

For years and years, the question of who is the superior marathon runner, “Man or Horse?” went unanswered. It wasn’t until a magical night in 1980, at a pub in a small Welsh town, when a conversation between two drunkards spawned one of the greatest race competitions in modern times. Held annually in Llanwrtyd Wells, dozens of competitors—both homosapien and equestrian—negotiate a 22-mile course of rough terrain. While cyclists are also allowed to participate, the only result that matters in this race (which is technically too short to be a marathon) is whether hoof or foot crosses the finish line first. And in its 32 years of existence, only twice has a human competitor come out victorious (in 2004 and 2007).

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