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8 Weirdest Sporting Events to Watch Before You Die

Open (and bend) your mind with these wacky sports from around the world.

Chessboxing World Championship

In a true battle of wits, the worlds of boxing and chess join together to form the only sport where you can draw inspiration from both Muhammad Ali and Bobby Fischer. Originating from the pages of a graphic novel, no less, the hybrid sport (which regularly holds its title bouts in Berlin and London) includes alternating rounds of boxing and chess, in which a match could end either via “knockout” or “checkmate.” With each new blow to the head, the participant must stay mentally focused enough to protect his queen, while also possessing the physical killer instinct necessary to deliver a titanic right hook. If the chess game does not conclude by the final round, and if the boxing rounds are scored equally, the player with black chess pieces is automatically declared winner. Always bet on black, folks.

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