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8 Weirdest Sporting Events to Watch Before You Die

Open (and bend) your mind with these wacky sports from around the world.

World Championship Punkin Chunkin

Pronounced and spelled “punkin chunkin,” the art of professional pumpkin chucking dates back to 1986, when the first World Championship was held in Delaware. Now the official home of the sport, over 100 teams compete annually during Halloween time, using devices from slingshots to catapults to achieve maximum punkin chunkin distance. The event includes multiple divisions ranging in style and difficulty, and even includes a “Youth 10 & Under” group for all those aspiring, future chunkers. While the concept of firing large pumpkins in the vicinity of a large group of people may sound dangerous, there’s only been one fatality since the event’s conception—a duck hit by a pumpkin shot from an air cannon. RIP, feathered friend.

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