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8 Weirdest Sporting Events to Watch Before You Die

Open (and bend) your mind with these wacky sports from around the world.

North American Wife Carrying Championships

In honor of Valentines Day, here’s a sporting event that promotes the notion of sticking by your significant other—literally. In this race competition, which originated in Finland, male competitors complete an obstacle course with their female partners hunched over their backs. While several variations are allowed (including piggyback and fireman’s carry) the champion’s method of choice is Estonian-style, in which the woman hangs upside-down, legs around her spouse’s shoulders, arms around the waist. While the event has drawn international popularity (and seriously, why wouldn’t it?), the North American Championships are held every Columbus Day weekend in Maine. If you need to know but one fact about Wife Carrying, here’s this—Dennis Rodman is an active enthusiast.

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