A Tour of Sun Life Stadium: Game Day With The Miami Dolphins

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A Tour of Sun Life Stadium: Game Day With The Miami Dolphins

Love going to the game but hate the crowds, the prices, and the uncomfortable seating? Join us for an all-access tour of Sun LIfe Stadium—without leaving the couch.
Considering we've got the Red Zone Channel, the NFL Sunday Ticket, sports bars, incredible La-Z-Boys, and tricked-out man caves, you might think the last place guys actually go to watch a professional football game is an NFL stadium. But if the packed stands are any indication—we do. By the tens of thousands for every game, every weekend.

In the event that you'll finally feel like tearing yourself away from your flat screen, your recliner and a six-pack of beer (that costs less than one brew at the concession stand) we decided to give you a little taste of what's happening at NFL stadiums around the country on any given Sunday (along with some exclusive behind-the-scenes info as well).

To kickoff our series, we're heading down to the always-hot tropics of Miami to take a tour of Sun Life Stadium.

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