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Baseball Brawls: 10 Most Memorable Bench-Clearing Fights

Major League Baseball has a rough side. Here are the street fights that stayed on the diamond.

10.Mike Sweeney (Kansas City Royals) Runs Down Jeff Weaver (Detroit Tigers), 2001

Speaking of those, “Wait, what the hell happened?” sort of fights. Everything looked totally normal, and then Mike Sweeney is racing at Jeff Weaver like a linebacker trying to pancake the quarterback. Apparently Tigers pitcher Weaver said something insulting to Royals first baseman Sweeney after the Royals asked the umps to examine his resin bag for the second time in the game. Sweeney charged immediately at an unsuspecting Weaver, hurling his helmet at him and ripping him down with a tackle before the rest of each team joined the fray.




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