Breakout Stars of the 2012 Olympics

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Breakout Stars of the 2012 Olympics

You might not know their names now, but these athletes will be all over your radar during the 2012 Olympic Games.

Jordan Burroughs

Age: 23
Event: Freestyle Wrestling (Men’s)
Hometown: Sicklerville, New Jersey

Jordan Burroughs has been an utterly dominant force in the world of freestyle wrestling ever since his years as an upperclassman at the University of Nebraska. After taking his second NCAA title during his last semester in spring 2011, he stepped it up even further by winning it all at the 2011 World Wrestling Championships in Istanbul, becoming just the fourth wrestler to win both titles in one year. Burroughs has not lost a tournament since early 2009 (although he was sidelined with ligament tears for a while in 2010) and is a heavy favorite at the London Games. The Olympics are sure to bring his sport to the attention of millions more people, and Burroughs will be expected to snag his first gold medal in front of all those new witnesses. Burroughs himself has expressed desire to take the gold in 2016 as well before making a move to MMA.

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