Greatest Underdogs in Sports History

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Greatest Underdogs in Sports History

In honor of Linsanity—Jeremy Lin and nine more zero-to-hero athletes.
After over two weeks of Lin puns (i.e., Linsanity, Linning, Super Lintendo) and countless media reports on everything from his race to his legitimacy; Jeremy Lin seems unphased. And while everyone and their mother didn’t see his meteoric rise coming, Lin dreamed of playing in the NBA since childhood. Of course, his career path was far from conventional. Lin received no athletic scholarships coming out of Palo Alto High School and went undrafted by the NBA after four years at Harvard.

Despite being overlooked, Lin dazzled at the 2011 NBA Summer League and signed with his hometown Golden State Warriors. He rode the pine for most of his rookie season, and this past December was cut by both the Warriors and Houston Rockets. The New York Knicks scooped him off waivers two days after Christmas, and after breaking out against the New Jersey Nets on Feb. 4, the rest is, as they say, history.

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