King of the Track: Motocross' Ryan Dungey

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King of the Track: Motocross' Ryan Dungey

Champion rider Ryan Dungey discusses the demands of Motocross, and how he stays fit to win. (Dairy-free diet, dirtbike, and custom-designed boots included.)

The Charity

For Dungey, Motocross isn’t just a sport or job. It’s a venue to reach his thousands of fans to promote cancer awareness. After losing his grandmother to cancer in 2005, Dungey dedicated his career to her and ensured charity work became an integral part of his riding. His biggest athlete idol, Lance Armstrong, inspired him to get involved (through his sponsorship with Nike) in Livestrong. He also leads frequent Sunday charity rides after Saturday races, and works with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital through his sponsorship with Target. From donating pink-accented gear to breast cancer drives, to racing in black and yellow Livestrong colors once a year, Dungey stays dialed in to giving back, branding his career with this purpose. “Promoting cancer awareness is how I can help others in a way that’s close to home,” said Dungey. “It's the way I can speak up and get others involved in a good cause." Dungey plans to start his own charity foundation in the future.


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