King of the Track: Motocross' Ryan Dungey

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King of the Track: Motocross' Ryan Dungey

Champion rider Ryan Dungey discusses the demands of Motocross, and how he stays fit to win. (Dairy-free diet, dirtbike, and custom-designed boots included.)

The Injuries

No professional athlete goes without battle scars. Sports injuries are about making mistakes and becoming smarter in training and recovery. Only the strong bounce back into the game. That's exactly what Dungey did earlier this year when he had an accident during practice in Tallahassee, Florida. “I lost control in the rhythm section of the track and the bike spit me off,” said Dungey. “I whacked my head, it knocked me out and I broke my collar bone.” But sticking with his fitness and diet plan, he rested, ate clean, healthy organic foods and was back on the track racing just five weeks later. “That’s the tough part of our sport and the risk we run,” said Dungey. “Being smart and maintaining focus is huge—you’re going fast, bikes are getting better [race speeds on straightaways can reach upwards of 70-75 mph] and you’re far from flat ground.”


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