King of the Track: Motocross' Ryan Dungey

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King of the Track: Motocross' Ryan Dungey

Champion rider Ryan Dungey discusses the demands of Motocross, and how he stays fit to win. (Dairy-free diet, dirtbike, and custom-designed boots included.)

The Gear

Fox Racing—360 Flight Jersey and Pants; V4 Helmet

Dungey wears Fox Racing's 360 Flight lightweight vented jersey to ensure maximum cooling during summer heat. His maneuverable 360 Flight pants protect his legs from bike-produced heat. They also prevent annoying bunching that becomes problematic with the stabilizing knee braces all riders wear. His helmet design changes every year, providing more sophisticated protection without adding weight.

Oakley—Crowbar MX Goggles

Dungey’s Crowbar MX goggles by Oakley protect his eyes from debris and absorb sweat from his forehead. Clear lenses are crucial so he can see every obstacle on the track. Before the race, 10 to 20 layers of plastic film called “tear-offs” are applied to his goggles. During the race, Dungey pulls off strips as his vision becomes dust-impaired.

Nike—AIRMX Boots

Nike custom-developed Dungey’s AIRMX boot. Only Dungey, and ironically Stewart, his main competition, wear the boot. The boot isn't for sale or available to the public.

Nike's minimalistic AIRMX boot is lightweight and flexible. Unlike other Motocross boots, the Nike boot is simplistic in design and relies on just three buckles and Velcro to fasten it. “Aside from the helmet, the boot is the most important protective article a rider wears as knees, ankles, and feet can all easily be injured in the course of a race,” said Short. Dungey goes through a pair per round of racing.


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