King of the Track: Motocross' Ryan Dungey

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King of the Track: Motocross' Ryan Dungey

Champion rider Ryan Dungey discusses the demands of Motocross, and how he stays fit to win. (Dairy-free diet, dirtbike, and custom-designed boots included.)

The Manager

Belgian Roger De Coster, 68, manages Dungey and Red Bull/KTM. He has been a fixture in American Motocross for decades, taking former Motocross legends Travis Pastrana and Ricky Carmichael to championships, and previously managing Team USA at Motocross of Nations. Pre-2011, De Coster managed Dungey when he rode for Suzuki in his careers early years.

De Coster's a former champion himself, and he understands the sport from inside. He's Dungey's biggest motivator. “Roger was the guy who gave me the opportunity to race in the pros,” said Dungey. “Being around him, he’s taught me to appreciate every minute because it’s a short career. You start at a young age and by 30 most guys are retired so you have to make and take every opportunity.”

De Coster, known for his smooth, controlled riding style and dedication to physical fitness, is also Dungey’s largest influence when coping with the pressure, adrenaline, and pre-race nerves the sport brings. “Every time I line up to the gate I wait for that nervous feeling to go away, but I’m kind of thankful for it because it’s good to have something to lose,” said Dungey. “It drives me, and helps me hone my plan of attack. Roger has worked with me a long time so he's a big part of that.”


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