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How Walton Goggins Mastered Scuba Diving

Claustrophobic and scared of water, actor Walton Goggins faced his fears by taking up diving

Walton Goggins boat ocean

Padi's Open-Water Diver Certification
1) Learn theory of scuba diving in a classroom setting.

2) Develop basic scuba skills in a series of pool dives.

3) Do four openwater dives with an instructor.

If you move quickly, you can complete the certification in four days.

Turning Point
Goggins credits 1997's The Apostle (with Robert Duvall) for launching his career. But it was an earlier film—The Next Karate Kid with future Oscar winner Hilary Swank—that jump-started his fitness pursuits. "Since then, working out has been like going to church. It grounds me," Goggins says. The versatile actor approaches workouts with his characters' look in mind, including heavy lifting for seven years during The Shield. "I've never weighed more than 168 pounds, but here I was benching 230," he recalls. "These were big guys doing bad things, so it was important to have that body type."


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