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Play Ball!

MF brings you a preview of the 2008 baseball season with the top 10 stadiums, how Josh Beckett trains, tips from Jerry Owens and more

Josh Beckett
As baseball tries to emerge from its era of suspicion, Texas-bred Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett--with the game's most feared right arm--has become the perfect antidote. Read about how he trains and more.

The Hitter's Throw
Want to build home run power? Knock 'em out of the park with this move.

The Speedy Newcomer
Here's how you can be as fleet-footed as the White Sox speedster Jerry Owens

Top Stadiums
MF brings you the 10 big league parks you need to see this summer

Baseball Preview 2008
Fox Sports baseball insider Ken Rosenthal lets MF know what will happen on the field. Expect the Yankees and Red Sox to once again battle for A.L. supremacy, while in Cincinnati


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