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Red Sox Pitcher Curt Schilling Has Got Game

The former Red Sox pitcher talks gaming and the infamous bloody sock.

Can you tell us about Todd McFarlane’s influence on it and how you got him involved? I’ve known Todd for about 10 years. It was one of those things when I formed the company, I started to look around and basically say, “I want to get the best in the world,” and at the end of the day, Todd, from an artistic visionary perspective, was the best in the world. I reached out to him and he and his team did a magical job. You seem pretty hands-on. Are you in there every day of the development stage and over the shoulders of the computer animators? I was early on. Not nearly as much now. I think one of the pitfalls of this industry is thinking you’ve got the market cornered on great ideas and I think that’s far from the case, especially for someone like me. My job now is to protect, create and foster the culture that we’ve established. This is a very different place to work, a very different team to belong to, and keeping that as a constant on a day-to-day basis is the challenge. Tell us about the MMO you’re developing. We’ve been working on an MMO for about five years in the Amalur universe called Project Copernicus. The other thing we’re doing is…obviously we’re looking at future Reckonings as well, but we have to watch the first one and be successful to focus on that. Okay, let’s talk baseball for a minute. Are you ready to come clean about painting the blood on the sock? Come clean in what sense? That you faked it with red paint. I probably need you to say that one more time. I’m joking! I know, I’m being facetious, too. What else can I say? I’ve got a nine-inch scar to back it up. Does it piss you off that you’ve actually been accused of painting it? This is the real world we’re living in, and for every lover there’s a hater and there can be far more haters than lovers. If you look at everything that happened around that situation, there’s a lot of media about it. But if you go back, I think you’re going to find very little in the way of quotes attributed to me. I didn’t talk about it except a little bit around that time. I’m proud of what I did. I’m proud about what we did, and it’s something I would do over and over again for that group of guys. How long did it take for it to sink in that you were one of the key guys, if not the key guy, in delivering a championship to Boston, which had such a long history of coming so close and not being able to get it? It sank in immediately. The enormity of what we did as a group was never lost and it wasn’t hard to understand, especially when two days later you’re sitting in a duck boat in a parade of 3.2 million people. It was a true 25-man effort. Look at the way we did that. Every person on that roster had a key moment, which every championship team finds itself in. Being able to call myself a part of that team is something I’ll always be very, very proud of.



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