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Steve Weatherford Trains for the Super Bowl

The Giants punter shares his hardcore Super Bowl-winning training regimen.

Steve Weatherford's Super Bowl Training Regimen

How it Works:

Weatherford trains five days per week, taking Wednesdays and Sundays as either active rest or off days. He’ll start each workout day with dynamic flexibility. This involves a series of jumps, skips, and high kicks designed to raise his core temperature andhead off injury. After that, it’s 15 minutes of static stretching, which he does after weight training, followed by a diff erent type of cardio each day. “I spend the off -season in San Diego,” he says. “There are great geographical formations in the hill country for me to just go out and run.”

Cardio Training

MONDAY: 60-yard uphill sprint; 10 reps at full recovery
TUESDAY: 40-yard sand sprint on beach; 10 reps at full recovery
WEDNESDAY: Off or active recovery (surfi ng or swimming)
THURSDAY: 30- to 40-yard sled sprint; 10 reps at full recovery
FRIDAY: 2-mile run

Weight Training Split

MONDAY: Lower Body A
TUESDAY: Upper Body A
WEDNESDAY: Active Recovery
THURSDAY: Lower Body B
FRIDAY: Upper Body B
SATURDAY: Active Recovery


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