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The 10 Most Superhuman NBA Plays of the Millennium

What you're really missing during the basketball lockout.


That’s the current sentiment of NBA fans now that the league’s collective bargaining agreement (CBA) has yet to be renewed after a summer of failed negotiations. Owners claim they’re losing hundreds of millions, players aren’t willing to make all of the concessions necessary to strike a new deal. Hard caps. Soft caps. Blah, blah, blah...

All it means for loyal fans is that hoops is on hold for the unforeseeable future. It’s a damn shame too, coming off one of the most exciting seasons in recent memory; highlighted by a host of young stars and capped off by the improbable veteran-heavy Mavericks upsetting the “Dream Team” Heat in the finals.

So we may go a whole year without King James and D-Wade running a fast break. Without reigning MVP Derrick Rose breaking ankles left and right. Without Blake Griffin dunking over every player in his path. And yes, without Craig Sager’s sideline suit attire.

Until the two sides meet, here are 10 clips featuring the superhuman athleticism (i.e., strength, speed, agility and vertical leap) of some of the league’s current superstars.


We start off with the NBA’s reigning Superman (apologies, Shaq)--center Dwight Howard of the Magic. Blocking shots is nothing new for the three-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year, but on this particular swat, Howard takes an offering from Chicago’s Luol Deng and spikes it down like a beach volleyball player. Plus, check out the elevation from the big fella!


While he plays second fiddle to Thunder teammate (and reigning scoring champ) Kevin Durant, guard Russell Westbrook is an emerging superstar in his own right. At 6'3", he’s got a motor unmatched by most in the league and can finish around the rim in explosive fashion. Just ask Shane Battier, who was on the receiving end of this facial back in November 2010. Credit Durant with the sweet assist.


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