The 25 Fittest Olympians on Team USA

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The 25 Fittest Olympians on Team USA

The best of the best American athletes who will compete in the 2012 Olympics in London.

3. Ryan Lochte

Age 27
3 Gold Medals, 1 Silver Medal, 2 Bronze Medals

Olympic competition is serious business, but Lochte keeps things light. The six-time swimming medalist once used over a hundred rolls of toilet paper to wrap the cars of the women’s team at the University of Florida, his alma mater. Training under former strongman competitor Matt DeLancey, however, his strength and conditioning sessions are no joke. “We flip tires, lift chains, pull ropes, throw kegs in the air, and do all types of strengthening exercises,” says Lochte, who’ll bring a thoughtful approach into the pool in London. “My philosophy is loving what I’m doing and making sure I’m having fun all the time. If you follow that philosophy in sport and life, you’ll always be happy and successful.”


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