The Five Key Bench Players in the NBA Playoffs

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The Five Key Bench Players in the NBA Playoffs

J.R. Smith, New York Knicks

The Knicks need a miracle. But along with that, they also need points from their bench. They need that energy and power that makes their games at Madison Square Garden so daunting for opposing teams and so magical for Knickerbocker fans. Can J.R. Smith create this kind of atmosphere? With A’mare out for the playoffs and Jeremy Lin watching from the sidelines, he needs to try. Along with Novak, Smith can re-ignite the team with his ability to shoot the three. He can also fire up the crowd with his explosive drives to the basket and cocky attitude. Along with the bench, if Melo plays well, Chandler gets healthy and Baron Davis finds what youth is left in his wobbly body...folks...we could have a Knickershocker.


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