The Most Embarrassing Sports Injuries Ever

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The Most Embarrassing Sports Injuries Ever

Sometimes a Segway, a sneeze or a Scrabble tile can do serious damage.

Golfer Brant Snedeker has had better years. The 2012 Fedex Cup champion was forced to hang up his clubs for an entire month earlier this year due to a cracked rib and strained intracostal muscle. While he’s worked hard to battle back from those stamped-and-notarized sports injuries, Snedeker recently inflicted damage to the lower part of his body in the most humiliating of ways.


At a recent corporate appearance in China, Snedeker apparently injured his knee by hopping off a Segway and “landing awkwardly.” According to his doctors, the 32-year-old managed to bruise the tibia and the anterior cruciate ligament in his left leg. (Since he’s a righty, that’s the forward leg in his stance—the one charged with maintaining the swing stability, not power.) The Associated Press reports that Snedeker could be sidelined anywhere between two weeks and two months.


The good news is that no surgery will be required. The bad news is that he’s going to have to continue his career in the very prank-friendly PGA as, you know, the guy who injured himself by falling off of a Segway. To celebrate his achievement, here are some other notable pros who went down in the most humiliating off-course of ways.


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