The Most Focused Athletes of All Time

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The Most Focused Athletes of All Time

Their intense focus, drive and undeniable talent elevated these athletes to the top.

Mixed martial artist Jon Jones is the current light heavyweight champion and clearly one of the most dominant fighters in his sport. He’s amassed a 15-1 MMA record, with his only loss coming on a disqualification from the use of “12-to-6” elbows while trying to finish off one opponent, and he has successfully defended his title twice despite his mere 24 years of age—making him the youngest title holder the UFC has ever seen (he obtained the title at 23). Greatly helping his cause, Jones is blessed with the longest reach in UFC history at 84.5 inches; often allowing him to get into a position in which he can get a clean hit on an opponent when they cannot do the same to him.

Jones, once a high school wrestling champion, utilizes an extremely intense workout regimen to maintain and further increase his strength, speed and explosiveness. Jones has a comparatively lanky build in regard to some of his shorter, bulkier opponents such as Rampage Jackson (the man he defended his title against the first time around), and he uses his long limbs, quickness and strong wrestling background to his advantage while taking on every new opponent. He also meditates frequently, claiming to do it in preparation for matches and saying it allows him to clear his mind and feel recharged. His relentless focus has made him a huge threat in the cage, and any clean hit an opponent puts on Jones is an accomplishment in and of itself. He is set to defend his title on April 21 against his more than formidable former training partner Rashad Evans.


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