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Thirst for Thrills: Hit the Slopes With Actor Paul Wesley

The star of "The Baytown Outlaws" and "Vampire Diaries" tells us about his natural habitat and why he feels at home on the mountain—and how you can, too.

Snowboarding 101: Wesley's Advice

How to prepare for the powder and avoid perpetuating a negative stereotype:

Keep at It
“Don’t get discouraged the first week.The first day you try snowboarding is the worst day of your life. It’s one of the hardest things to pick up, but once you figure out how to stabilize, it’s so rewarding. Oh, and make sure you get some waterproof pants, because you’ll be sitting on your ass the first two days. That’s the best advice I can give.”

Stay In Shape in the Off-season
“I have chicken legs. I hate to admit it, and it’s pathetic. And I know that when I get onto my board, I won’t be able to walk after that first day because I haven’t been using my legs at all. I’ll go to the gym and lift some weights—maybe once in a while I’ll run. If I were wise I’d do more leg workouts, because when I get out there, it’s really hard.”

Grow Up
“There are a lot of punks who sag their pants and act really loud and annoy the shit out of [everyone on the mountain]. Try not to fall into that crowd.”

MF Pick: Burton Family Tree Cheetah Snowboard

This board, designed for Burton rider Terje Haakonsen, features a slight taper designed to help it perform in the powder, and a swallowtail design that’s a nod to Haakonsen’s expertise on the powder. 


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