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Top 10 Smartest Athletes in Professional Sports

Just when you thought it was safe to think you’re smarter than a jock, these guys had to be born.

Myron Rolle

The farthest from a household name on this list, Rolle may be one of the smartest athletes in professional sports that no one knows about. While he is currently without an NFL team, after being cut by the Tennessee Titans in September, Rolle can fortunately say he has some “fallback options.” A Rhodes Scholar, Rolle received his master’s in medical anthropology at Oxford, after graduating premed at Florida State University – in just 2.5 years. (In fact, Rolle finished FSU early along with current Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder.) With non-sports aspirations of being a traveling neurosurgeon, Rolle may not have to worry about signing up with a new squad just yet.

Craig Breslow

Currently riding a solid six-year career as a MLB reliever, Breslow is arguable the smartest man currently playing on a major sports franchise. After studying molecular biophysics and biochemistry at Yale (3.5 GPA), Breslow took the MCAT in preparation for med school, and scored a remarkable 34 on the exam (average score is 28, mind you). While he was accepted to NYU Medical School, Breslow opted for a life of dissecting big league hitters instead, and currently calls the Oakland Athletics home. Just last year, the Sporting News named Breslow the smartest athlete in professional sports.

Emeka Okafor

Here’s a guy who just looks smart. Heck, even his name makes him sound more intelligent. But just in case he needed to prove it to you nosy bastards, Okafor was the Academic All-American of the Year back in 2004 at the University of Connecticut, and graduated with a degree in finance (3.8 GPA) in just three years. In 2008, as a member of the Charlotte Bobcats, Okafor launched the African Initiative to Save Lives, with the goal to save one million lives in Sub-Sahara Africa.


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