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Top 13 NCAA Tournament Players of All-Time

Travel—without penalty—back in time as we count down the best NCAA tournament players in history.

10. Oscar Robertson, Cincinnati
He led Cincinnati to two consecutive Final Fours averaging 32 points and 13 rebounds. As the highest scorer in each of his three seasons Robertson left college as the all-time leading NCAA scorer. Although the Championship trophy never reached his hand, he was a three time All-American and was still the best player on the floor. That’s the reason the Player of the Year Trophy is named after him.

9. David Thompson, North Carolina State
UCLA was the team of the 1970s, so it was a big feat to stop their run of seven consecutive NCAA Championships. Then in flies David “Skywalker” Thompson who led his team to the 1974 championship game where they beat Marquette, but it was the matchup against UCLA in the semis that propelled him to stardom. Thompson scored 28 points and grabbed 10 rebounds in the double overtime semi, which brought UCLA’s streak to a halt. Even more remarkable is the fact that Thompson was rushed to the hospital with a head injury in the preceding game against Pittsburgh. In four tournament games he averaged 24 points per game.

8. Jerry Lucas, Ohio State
Lucas clinched his legacy by leading Ohio State to the 1960 National Championship, he was twice chosen as the Final Four’s Most Outstanding Player during his three straight trips to the Final Four. Lucas played alongside basketball legends Bob Knight and John Havilcek. He still holds the Buckeye record for points, field goals, rebounds and shooting percentage in the tournament. Lucas averaged more than 20 points per game during his tenure and led the nation in rebounding twice.

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