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Train Like Ryan Lochte

Though you might lack American flag-studded grills and a signature catchphrase (Jeah!), you can craft abs just like those on the Olympic swimmer.

The Ryan Lochte Introductory Training Plan

3x per week: Focus on four areas of the body which include legs, hamstrings, a push and pull exercise. Use any variation of these exercises, and focus on form rather than increasing repetitions. Do four sets of five each.

Leg: Squat Variation

Hamstring: Romanian Dead Lift Variation

Push: Dumbbell Incline

Pull: Pull up

“If you can’t do that, do an inverted pull up, and if you can’t do that do a pull down,” DeLancey instructs. 

For more exercises, check out Lochte’s workout video available on his website. Lochte Hard-CORE follows the Olympian and DeLancey as they walk the viewer through a complete core workout.



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