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Ultimate Athlete 2013 Preview [VIDEO]

Calling all athletes! Men's Fitness Ultimate Athlete Challenge is BACK in 2013—and we're starting our search for competitors with the speed, strength and skill to take down our toughest challenges. Many will enter, but only one can be named the Ultimate

Last year, hundreds of competitors decended upon the Las Vegas Convention Center to compete in one of the premiere events of the Olympia Fitness & Performance Expo: The 2012 Ultimate Athlete competition. These guys were tough and in it to win it—not just the $5,000 cash prize, but the serious bragging rights that accompanies finishing in the top spot. 

This year's showdown promises to be the fiercest competiton to date. Will this be the year that you show the world what you're made of? It's time to find out. Sign up for the 2013 Ultimate Athlete is officially open. See you in Vegas!


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