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Weirdest World’s Strongest Man Events

The most entertaining events from the World's Strongest Man competition.

The World’s Strongest Man competition has been held annually ever since 1977, and has since developed into the most recognizable and widely watched strength competition in the world. The competition’s assortment of bizarre events remains a mainstay on ESPN and its affiliates, although WSM was even more depended upon during the early days of the network (started in 1979), when the channel was far from the media powerhouse that it is today. The reruns of the competition remain one of your best entertainment options during those idle afternoons when there isn’t much on.

Since simply filming some of the world’s bulkiest guys lifting weights and doing squats obviously wasn’t interesting enough to produce TV success, the events they created right off the bat were, well, strange, and they continue to amaze and puzzle viewers decades later. Here’s a list of the weirdest ones we’ve seen over the years.

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