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Weirdest World’s Strongest Man Events

The most entertaining events from the World's Strongest Man competition.

Playgirl/Showgirl Squat

The Event: Basically, this was just a gimmick to get people more interested in watching the event. So, instead of the announcer looking at how much weight the competitor was lifting and saying it was akin to squatting a dozen Playboy bunnies, they made it happen in reality. This went down at the Playboy mansion in New Jersey in the 1980 WSM Final. The 1997 competition in Primm, Nevada (about 45 minutes outside Vegas) featured a similar showgirl squat event.

Still In Competition?: The squat lift is still going strong as a core WSM event, but alas, in recent years, it has become more common for competitors to lift more traditional heavy objects during the contest, such as weights, as opposed to totally hot chicks.

Car Carry

The Event: After cutting a hole out of the roof and floor of a relatively small car, competitors hop in, grab the edges and start walking. The result is very Flintstones-esque, although they’re not even using the wheels. Think about this event the next time you think it’s a drag when you have to push your car when the engine’s having a bad day.

Still In Competition?: Yes. Competitors can still be seen doing this task each year, one that would be inexplicable and unfathomable outside WSM.

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