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Weirdest World’s Strongest Man Events

The most entertaining events from the World's Strongest Man competition.

Bar Bending

The Event: Bending metal bars are a basic part of training for strongmen, as far as we know. The use of this event to kick off the first WSM Final in 1977 provided some classic footage of Lou Ferrigno, aka the Incredible Hulk, angrily bending a bar over his head and then finishing the job with his muscle-bound arms. The event proves that WSM competitors couldn’t be held in normal jail cells. Three-time champion Bill Kazmaier once fell victim to the bar bending event in 1981, injuring himself before rallying and winning his second straight WSM tournament.

Still In Competition?: Sadly, bar bending has been gone for quite some time now. On the plus side, that just makes this old footage that much better and weirder.

Airplane Pull

The Event: Here, we see American strongman Phil Pfister pull an 80,000 pound plane 25 meters. How is that possible? Considering the fact that it would take an entire herd of people to make such a massive object budge, this seems like one of the most unbelievable feats of human strength you might witness, even in WSM.

Still In Competition?: No, but don’t fret, they’re always dragging something of ludicrous size and weight down the road a little bit. Last year they pulled 18-wheeler trucks down the street—as is the normal massive vehicle of choice—although buses, fire engines and limos have also been used in the past.

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