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Weirdest World’s Strongest Man Events

The most entertaining events from the World's Strongest Man competition.

Fridge Carry

The Event: Only in a strongman competition will you see a race to the finish despite the nuisance of having to carry two refrigerators strapped onto a metal contraption. If you’ve ever moved a fridge in or out of your house, think back to that day. You probably had at least one friend help you, and it was so heavy and cumbersome that you practically smashed holes in the walls trying to get it where it needed to be. Now imagine doing that on your own and thinking it was so easy that you could picture trying to run with that, plus another one for your other shoulder. That’s what it takes to make it in WSM.

Still In Competition?: Nope. Apparently the fridge carry was deemed to be too gimmicky and unwieldy of a contest even for WSM. It hasn’t appeared as an event in the finals since 2005.

Yoke/Duck Walk

The Event: The Yoke/Duck Walk is a two-part race well known and widely used in strongman competitions. It kind of looks like a couple guys desperately hobbling toward the bathroom, with their situations becoming more dire in the second (duck walk) half of the race. Like many WSM events, it provides a testament to how good these guys are at picking up and carrying really heavy things for a while.

Still In Competition?: Surprisingly, no. WSM archives say the Yoke/Duck Walk, also known as the Farmer’s Walk, hasn’t been in the final competition since 2003.

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