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Weirdest World’s Strongest Man Events

The most entertaining events from the World's Strongest Man competition.

Car Turn Over Race

The Event: This clip from 1989 displays the World’s Strongest Man competition in some of its weirdest and best moments. It’s like a 100-meter dash, but you’ve got to flip three cars before you cross the finish line. It’s amusing to watch these guys flip over a car with the same level of effort most people might use to tip over a moderately sized desk. This confirms that WSM competitors would make top-notch rioters. Also, note the bleeped out expletive from the always fiery Bill Kazmaier (1:36).

Still In Competition?: Unfortunately, one of the most fun to watch WSM events has been defunct for quite some time now. You can still see them lift cars and then walk with them as far as possible, but in the past decade, we haven’t seen any of those satisfying flips.

Hercules Hold

The Event: Along the same lines as the Atlas Stones, this event vaguely harks back to ancient Greek mythology, in reference to the Pillars of Hercules. According to legend, Hercules used his ridiculous strength to smash through a mountain and produce the Strait of Gibraltar between North Africa and the Rock of Gibraltar. Of course, this event suggests that those pillars are falling and only a WSM competitor can stop it. It’s fun to watch these guys cling desperately to two pillars that would literally shred a normal person in two.

Still In Competition?: The event hasn’t been in WSM since 2005, although it’s been used in other strongman tournaments. It seems like the Hercules Hold just isn’t as much of a traditional WSM event as several others, but that doesn’t mean we don’t lament its ongoing omission


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