The World Cup's 25 Fittest Players

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The World Cup's 25 Fittest Players

You knew he was coming—this is the guy following in Beckham’s footsteps as that ridiculously good-looking celebrity soccer player. But, regardless of all that, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better goal scorer. Ronaldo has somehow netted more than a goal per game since moving to Real Madrid in 2009 (177 scores in 165 matches). However, international competition has proven tougher on him, mainly because he has to elevate a solid team to elite levels of the world’s top soccer nations. With Ronaldo, they’ve made runs deep into both the Euro and World Cup, but never a win in the final. Once again, the odds are stacked up against Portugal to make a run at countries like Spain and Brazil—we’ll see what Ronaldo can do about that.


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