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You Got Serve

Fire it like Federer with the help of MF's tennis technician

A great serve starts with the perfect toss. Ace yours with the help of Sports Illustrated senior editor Richard O'Brien, author of The Ultimate Sports Handbook.

  • Toss the ball—with your arm out to the side of your body—directly above your hitting shoulder. This will force your shoulders to rotate and help initiate power.
  • Throw the ball slightly higher than where your racquet will strike it. Throwing too low limits your power.
  • Contact the ball at the highest point in your swing, snapping your wrist forward.
  • Go ahead and grunt—that is, exhale strongly the moment the racquet connects with the ball. Holding your breath only builds tension and robs your swing of power.
  • Reprinted from The Ultimate Sports Handbook by Richard O'Brien, June 2005. Permission granted by Quirk Books, Philadelphia, PA.

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