10 Adrenaline-Pumping Winter Vacations

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10 Adrenaline-Pumping Winter Vacations

Cold-weather trips for snow sports junkies—just because it’s freezing outside doesn’t mean you have to put your adventure on hold.
When winter hits, Yosemite champion John Muir’s spectacular Range of Light--the Sierras--is blanketed with a serene white carpet of snow, and Yosemite Valley becomes a quiet, empty refuge for nature lovers seeking adventure. To fully appreciate this rare, uncrowded Yosemite, take an overnight snowshoe hike—the dominant mode of winter transportation in Muir’s day—from the Badger Pass ski area 10 miles out to Ostrander Lake via one of two ski trails: Bridalveil Creek (intermediate) or Merced Crest (expert). Stay in Ostrander Ski Hut, tucked in a bowl beneath Horse Ridge at 8,600 feet (free wilderness permit required,) and return the next day by the alternate trail to make it a loop. (More information: nps.gov)


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