10 Best National Park Hikes

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10 Best National Park Hikes

From Hawaii's active volcanoes to the west coast's 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail, here are America's 10 hottest hiking spots.

Best Thru-Hike

Pacific Crest Trail—California, Oregon, Washington

As the west coast’s answer to the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail is about 500 miles longer in distance. If you a thru-hike falls on your bucket list, the PCT is a good way to go. At 2,650 miles long, the PCT takes you from Mexico to Canada—the U.S. portion winds through the Cascade and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges in California, Oregon and Washington. If you hike the entire PCT, plan on blocking off five months of your life. You’ll hike through seven national parks, 24 national forests, and descend into 19 major canyons. Sure, thru hiking is running’s equivalent of a dozen ultra-marathons, but with preparation, its well worth the commitment for those on a career-sabbatical.


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