10 Best National Park Hikes

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10 Best National Park Hikes

From Hawaii's active volcanoes to the west coast's 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail, here are America's 10 hottest hiking spots.

Best Canyon Hike

Bright Angel Trail—Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Created by the Colorado River, Arizona’s Grand Canyon is one of the world’s seven natural wonders. It snakes over 277 miles through Arizona and standing over a mile deep. If you’ve never been to see a Grand Canyon sunrise or sunset this is a hiking-must. Take Bright Angle Trail located on the canyon’s South Rim. At a 9.2-mile round trip, the trail is doable in a day, but wake up early and turn around at the three-mile rest house if you feel exhausted from hiking in the desert temps. The entire Bright Angel Trail starts with a deep descent and ends with a 3,000 climb at Indian Garden. Carry water with you, and fill up at the seasonal and year-round water points during the day. Pick up the trailhead slightly west of Bright Angel Lodge near the mule corral.


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