10 Best National Park Hikes

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10 Best National Park Hikes

From Hawaii's active volcanoes to the west coast's 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail, here are America's 10 hottest hiking spots.

Best Untamed Hike

Savage River Canyon Trail—Denali National Park, Alaska

Denali National Park isn’t like other U.S. National Parks. This untamed portion of Alaska literally beats the nation’s more-traversed (and unfortunately touristy) park trails. Denali’s best trails, if you’re willing to branch out, exist deeper into the park beyond the first three miles of Park Road. Either drive to Savage River, located at miles 13-15 on Park Road, or board a shuttle bus that’ll take you back (available from any park visitor’s entrance). The easy Savage River Canyon Trail hugs the Savage River as it cuts through mountains north of Park Road and heads a mile into the canyon before crossing a footbridge and winding back to Park Road. In good weather, you’ll be able to see Mount McKinley’s summit at 20,327 feet—the highest point in the entire U.S.


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