10 Death-Defying Stunts You Can Do on Vacation

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10 Death-Defying Stunts You Can Do on Vacation

Sick of the boring old resort routine? Here's a list of badass activities that'll provide the ultimate rush you're looking for.

Most guys love a badass adrenaline kick once in awhile. And if you’re dying to ditch your desk job and find a thrill, you might want to try plunging into a giant ocean blowhole or hurling yourself down the side of a volcano on a snowboard. That should do the trick.

But seriously, for your next trip, perhaps it’s time to scrap the tame resort and live on the edge. So here are 10 ridiculously dangerous (and death-defying) activities you can do on vacation. Even though some of these stunts require special licenses or previous experience that could take months to acquire, you can still add them to your bucket list, right?

And if you’re an adrenaline-freak who’s already qualified (yeah, we're talking to you over there, with the wingsuit license), you can ramp up your adreneline levels even higher. Just make sure to wear a helmet...or something.

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