10 Death-Defying Stunts You Can Do on Vacation

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10 Death-Defying Stunts You Can Do on Vacation

Sick of the boring old resort routine? Here's a list of badass activities that'll provide the ultimate rush you're looking for.

Wingsuit Flying, Zephyrhills, Florida

Unlike skydiving, where you jump into a freefall, wingsuit flying takes into account drag and surface area to create lift, making you glide through the air. A full-body aerodynamic jumpsuit with flaps of either cordura or ripstop nylon increases the surface area and creates pressurized zones between your arms, torso, and legs. You also glide forward three feet for every foot you fall, so you can cover some serious distance, unlike skydiving which has a much faster drop rate.

YOU NEED Previous skydiving experience (at least 200 jumps, to be exact), a license, your logbook, and your own wingsuit.

HOW TO DO IT Zephyrhills, Florida is home to Skydive City, one of the world's largest skydiving drop zones. The Z-Flock Wingsuit School provides personalized jumps where only one or two people go up per jump. ($79; skydivecity.com)

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