10 Death-Defying Stunts You Can Do on Vacation

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10 Death-Defying Stunts You Can Do on Vacation

Sick of the boring old resort routine? Here's a list of badass activities that'll provide the ultimate rush you're looking for.

Cage Diving with Great Whites; Farallon Islands, California

You've probably seen enough Shark Week on Discovery Channel to vicariously taste the thrill. But nothing will truly prepare you for the 18-foot Great White shark circling your body underwater, with but a few metal bars to separate you from its jaws. Surely, it’ll be one of the most terrifying experiences of your life, and one of the more spendy. And the best part? You don't even have to be scuba certified to do it.

YOU NEED Vacation days during the eight-week Great White mating season from September to November. (Hey, if you’re going to pay the hefty price tag, might as well make sure you’ll see some sharks.)

HOW TO DO IT Great White Adventures provides breakfast, lunch, booze, and diving equipment. Book in advance as spaces fill up fast during shark mating season. ($775; greatwhiteadventures.com)

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